Service Delivery: CRS Practice Exam

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This practice exam for Inform USA Certification as a Community Resource Specialist (CRS) consists of 50 questions while the full exam contains 100 questions. The questions are in the same format and weighted in the same proportion in subject area as the full exam. Success in the practice exam does not guarantee success in the full exam, but it will provide you with some realistic preparation for the actual experience. Although this practice exam contains no questions specific to I&R within Aging and Disabilities, this is also a useful preparation for CRS-A/D candidates because of the overlap of questions between the CRS and CRS-A/D examinations. Please note that some of the questions within this practice exam might be using the "old" designation of an "Information and Referral Specialist" or a "CIRS."


Service Delivery: CRS Practice Exam
50 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  40/50 points to pass
50 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  40/50 points to pass
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Recorded 05/04/2022
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