Inform USA Webinar - Maximizing Impact with the Google Ad Grant

Inform USA Webinar - Maximizing Impact with the Google Ad Grant

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Chris Lesner

Founder and CEO

Project World Impact (PWI)

Chris Lesner is the Founder and CEO of Project World Impact (PWI). While in university, he helped start a digital marketing company that grew to have significant revenue in just two years, working with multiple Fortune 500 clients. At age 20, Chris founded PWI, with the vision of being able to impact hundreds of millions of people. Near the end of college, Chris left his original company, to devote his full-time to PWI.

Under Chris's leadership, PWI pioneered, an unparalleled nonprofit "hub" dedicated to bolstering the online presence of thousands of nonprofits. These associated nonprofits have collectively raised over $1 Billion annually and garnered the attention of more than 15 million cause-driven visitors since the site's launch.

Google honored PWI in its inaugural list of Certified Professional Agencies. This acknowledgment came after Google observed that grants overseen by such agencies consistently resulted in an 8x increase in conversion values.

Furthermore, Chris established a marketing division within PWI. This division offers a comprehensive suite of services including website development, app creation, SEO, graphic design, and marketing consultancy. Today, apart from serving multiple Fortune 500 clients, this arm aids hundreds of firms nationwide in amplifying their marketing initiatives.


Inform USA Webinar - Maximizing Impact With the Google Ad Grant
Recorded 11/09/2023  |  45 minutes
Recorded 11/09/2023  |  45 minutes Even if it leads to a call, many searches for help start with Google. Help your community find your agency by staying on top in search results. This session is perfect for those who haven't received the grant and those aiming to optimize existing campaigns.
Certificate of Completion
1.00 Hours of Professional Development credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Hours of Professional Development credit  |  Certificate available